Wisdom Tooth Removal What You Can Expect

If you live in Singapore and are in need of your wisdom tooth removed here is what to expect, especially if you’re looking for painless wisdom teeth extraction Singapore.

A grown adult has four wisdom teeth sometimes also called molars. In total there are two wisdom teeth on the top jaw one on both sides of the jaw.

There are also two on the bottom row of teeth to the back of the jaw. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in the mouth. The teeth are usually visible by the time a person is 18 to 25 years of age.

However, sometimes these teeth do not grow in the jaw the way they are supposed to. If this happens then the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. Sometimes the teeth can grow straight out of the back of the jaw and gum line. Or the wisdom teeth can begin to push the other teeth out of alignment.

Types of Wisdom Teeth Issues

The wisdom teeth can also become infected or impacted also known as an abscess gum or tooth. If the infection is not controlled or cured it can migrate into the sinuses and spread from there causing septicemia. Septicemia is when the entire body becomes toxic from the infection. Therefore, it is imperative for the wisdom teeth to be extracted before this occurs.

The patient will have a visit or examination with his or her dentist. The dentist will examine the patient visually and determine the cause or need for the tooth or teeth to be removed. The dentist will take X-Rays to see where the teeth are in the jawbone, where the roots are and if the roots are normal. The X-Ray determines how the dentist will proceed with removing the wisdom teeth.

Some wisdom teeth can be removed by pushing back the gum from around the tooth then gently working the tooth back and forth until it comes out with the dental tools. Other teeth may be more difficult to remove.

In the case of removing the tooth the dentist will give a local anesthetic to the patient. A local Anesthetic is Novocain given by syringe into the gumline. The medicine is a blocking agent that ensures the patient does not encounter pain during the procedure. This is in the case of a standard removal.

If, however there is a more involved procedure needed to be done the dentist may choose to give the patient what is called a general anesthetic. If the teeth are still inside the jawbone they must be drilled out or cut out of the jaw.

A general anesthetic sedates the patient and makes them sleep while the teeth are being removed. The general anesthetic ensures the patient does not wake up or feel pain during the removal.

Once the removal is completed the patient is monitored for 20-30 minutes to ensure there are no ill side effects. If no side effect occurs then the patient can leave.

Costs of Extraction Your Teeth

The cost of wisdom tooth removal in Singapore can vary. Starting at $1200.00 and exceeding $2000.00 or more depending upon the condition of the tooth, gums, and the jaw bone. Furthermore, the cost depends on how young or old the patient is.

In a younger person the teeth usually come out easily because the jaw is not brittle or tough. As where an older individuals jaw may be harder to remove the teeth from.

Some patients have a type of insurance called Medisave. Medisave is a program developed to allow individuals to save a part of his or her income from their employer to cover medical and dental expense’s. If, however the patient does not have a job they may have to apply for other types of assistance to cover the medical and dental cost. This is usually through the State or government where the patient lives.

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