Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore

People who are entering adult hood can have problems develop when their wisdom teeth come in. Adults at sometime in their life may have problems with their wisdom teeth. In Singapore there are many places where a person can go who are experiencing wisdom tooth problems.

Government Assistance For Surgical Removal

There is government assistance available to help in the financial expense incurred through Medisave of Singapore. Every citizen of Singapore can withdraw $300 from Medisave to put toward an outpatient day surgery process.

Government health care dental services for this procedure is around $800 per tooth. In private dental clinics it is about twice the amount. If one requires an oral maxillo facial surgeon the price could be about $2000. Medisave can help people pay for this. One can also get cost estimates from dentists for free.

A step by step cost break down for dental help in Singapore are as follows. The initial consultation is $100. An x-ray is $150. If needed a cat scan can cost $400. Wisdom tooth extraction is $800. Surgery for wisdom tooth removal is about $1500 per tooth. The complexity of the situation will also have an affect on the price. The more complicated the situation the more expensive the cost.

Factors that can determine how easy the procedure will be include how old a person is. The position of the tooth is important. Is it easy to get at or is it still within the gum tissue. Some wisdom teeth wind up buried in the jaw bone itself. If the tooth is placed next to major, sensitive nerves or the shape of the tooth itself is not normal then these types of things all need to be considered when considering the needs of the patient and the amount it will cost.

Wisdom tooth removal can be done using a local anesthetic. This is included in the cost. For people who want to be unconscious during the procedure anesthesia will need to be given. This will cost an additional $800.

Any general dentist in Singapore can perform wisdom tooth extractions. If the situation requires oral surgery then a maxillo facial surgeon would need to do the job. This might be required if the tooth is close to sensitive nerves or is deeply implanted in the gums.

A dental patient in Singapore can claim anywhere from $350 to $2700 from Medisave. On average the amount Medisave winds up paying out for oral surgery is $950.

If one needs general anesthesia then the Medisave claim would be $1600 per tooth. The amount of coverage can depend on many things. The number of teeth involved and the complications associated with the case are a couple of areas of consideration.

Another is if anything to do with the jawbone is involved. A most common scenario is when a lower wisdom tooth is impacted. Removal of bone and dividing the teeth are required and this procedure could claim $950 from Medisave. More complicated cases such as separating a wisdom tooth from a sensitive nerve would be able to claim a higher amount.

Medisave Claims For Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It is easy in Singapore to make a claim with Medisave to have your tooth extraction paid for. One will need their Singaporean Identity card. This will help to prove that one is a citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident and this will allow the claim process to move forward. The staff at the dental clinic will take care of everything including the forms.

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