Is There Such A Thing As Painless Teeth Removal

Information on wisdom teeth removal in Singapore.

You will need to locate an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
Don’t be alarmed this is just a subspecialty of most Dentists.
It’s very common for the same Dentists that fills a cavity often,
goes to the hospital and performs oral surgery depending on how large the procedure is.

Dental costs in Singapore.

Consultation and cleaning of teeth can range from $50 – $180.
Consultation can include x-rays of the teeth, visual inspection, and a conversation with you about wants, needs, or pain. Most surgical procedures to a few appointments at least. X-rays are taken to verify the position of the wisdom teeth.

The average cost of removing your wisdom teeth is about $550 – $900 per tooth at a public clinic and $450 – $2,300 at a private clinic.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Medisave to have your wisdom teeth removed. And the procedure is considered cosmetic so most health insurance plans will also not pay for this service.

Steps Required In Extraction

Some of the basic steps in a typical wisdom teeth extraction are these:
An incision is made in the gums above the tooth. Next, a burr is used to make a space between the tooth and the bone. Then a different burr is used laterally to cut the tooth in half. The halves of the tooth are extracted separately. Finally, irrigation and suction are used to get the final shards of the tooth out and clean the opening. The incision is closed with suture. Proper dressings are applied to the surgical site.

Wisdom teeth will need to be removed if they are growing in the mouth the wrong direction is a wisdom tooth’s modus operandi.
Since they don’t show up until later in life and are not bound by growth through the middle of a missing baby tooth.
They are single entities way in the back of your mouth.
And they grow however they feel like it, and any direction they want to. This leads to major tooth problems.
The teeth will often grow into the tooth in front of it and not straight up. This is called impaction.
Since all teeth are set in solid bone, this makes them immovable. This also causes all the teeth on that level to press together way too hard.
And the longer you leave them in the more likely that many things can occur such as teeth collision, pain, cracking, infection,
and or plain destruction and breakdown of the original tooth in front. Also, an abscess may form which is dangerous.

Some dentists believe you should not have your wisdom teeth removed if it’s not causing you any problems.
Other dentists believe in leaving them in could lead to possible problems which are a good reason to go ahead and take them out.
The only Surefire way the tale Miss wisdom tooth needs to come out is through an x-ray that way they can see the teeth and
the jaw bone and how they are aligning and whether the tooth is fully grown yet or not.
Wisdom teeth with no problems could still Harbor disease.

Do not drive yourself, you will not be able to drive yourself home. You will need someone to help you to get home or ride the bus etc.

Recovery from surgery is anywhere from three days to a full week. They may give you pain medicine. Take as it says on the bottle, be very careful.
In the first days, your mouth and cheeks will be swollen. Don’t take tobacco products, it slows and even reverses the healing process.
No solid foods for 24 hours.

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